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Whatley Oil Company

Welcome to our website! If you landed here by accident, spend a little time and browse through our site. You will find that we market everything that is petroleum related. If we do not stock what you are looking for we probably can find it. No matter what it is, if what you are looking for burns, lubes, greases, or even "cools", we can find it. By the way, we also sell other stuff like filters, batteries, tanks, pumps, nozzles, chemicals, "Convenient store stuff, and can even provide you advice on how to spend your money.

So don't hesitate or be bashful about asking us about our products or services. There are many ways you can communicate your requests with us. The following are just a few: Fax , E-mail, Letters, Telephone and you can even send word by mouth. We are here to provide products and services, so feel free to ask. At the bottom of this page you will find the means to send word to us.

There is a little matter of establishing a line of credit with us if you are a new customer. So make sure that if you are going to be in the area or if you live in the area, allow a little time to apply for credit and time for us to get the "OK" to sell to you.

We appreciate your visit with us and hope you return. We will leave the porch light on so you can find your way back. Don't forget to drop us a line.

Fuels - Techron Fuel Additives
Do you suffer with faulty gauge readings? Tired of guessing how much gasoline is in the tank?

Then it is time to purchase Techron Concentrate and stop guessing.

Lubricants - DELO Advantage
Do you want extended oil drain intervals? Do you want extended equipment protection between service? Do you want longer engine & component life? If you answered YES, then you need the DELO Advantage.
Filtration / Oil Sampling
Contaminates - The cause of 70 to 80% system failures that cost over 6 Billion Dollars in UNRESOLVED PROBLEMS. Perhaps it is time to review your preventative maintenance program and stop being another statistic.
Tired of transporting fuels in 5 gallon pails? Tired of replacing fuel filters due to dirty fuel? Is it taking too much time to fuel up equipment? Call us today at (706) 324-4271 and experience the Whatley difference!
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