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about whatley oil

Whatley Oil was founded in January of 1955 by Bruce and Sara Whatley. The couple started the company as agents of the Standard Oil Company of Kentucky before becoming certified jobbers for Chevron in 1980.

Their son, Steve, joined the company in 1976 after graduating from the University of Georgia and his brother, Greg joined in 1993 after serving 20 years in the U.S. Army.

In 1990 the company acquired a Union 76 jobber and expanded its business into the counties surrounding Cuthbert. In 1994 Whatley Oil moved into Columbus, GA with the acquisition of three local jobberships. From there the company built its wholesale business and created Whatley Convenience Stores (operating under the brand Zelmo’s Zip In) to run it’s new convenience stores. Since then Whatley Convenience Stores has grown to s to nine locations in Georgia and two in Alabama.


Sarah Whatley
Steve Whatley
President & CEO
Greg Whatley
Ted Bridges
General Manager & CFO
Doug Huff
Sales Manager
Phil Carter
Certified Lubrication Specialist
Dan Burt
Warehouse Manager
Sherry Selly
Kim Johnson
Office Manager
Sidney Johnson
Service Manager
Joey Stagg
Slaton Whatley
Director or Retail Operations